About project

  • Type: Arts incubator
  • Year: 2013
  • Location: Vilnius
  • Architect: „Ambraso architektų biuras”, architects – A. Ambrasas, V. Adamonytė, M. Reklaitis, constructors – UAB „Constructus“, A. Sabaliauskas, D. Amolevičius, project initiator – D. Žakaitis.

TechArts is a project-based interdisciplinary education, residency and exhibition centre. Designed by architect Audrius Ambrasas, TechArts building opened its doors in July 2013. The building houses an exhibition and projection space, regular lectures and residencies by Lithuanian and foreign artists, curators and cultural managers.

The resort environment and the mystery of creating art were the main inspirations for the architectural idea. The woodwork visually melts the building into the pine forest, while a single opening in the blind main façade beckons the visitor to peer into the world of artists as if through a keyhole. In order to be in harmony with nature and architecture, the lighting fixtures had to remain invisible and disappear into the space.

The project uses our Vindo family of clear geometrically shaped recessed ceiling, surface and pendant lighting fixtures.


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