About project

  • Type: Business Centre
  • Client: UAB „Realco statyba“
  • Location: Vilnius
  • Architect: designer - UAB „Unitectus“, project manager - Jurgita Kiaurakytė

We designed lighting solutions and intelligent lighting control systems for the high energy class A Penta business centre in Vilnius, helping to save more than 50% of electricity. As all Penta lighting fixtures are automatically controlled, there are no switches.

For this business centre, lighting fixtures were chosen that dim or switch off if there is sufficient natural light from the outside. Lighting fixtures also begin to dim until they gradually go off completely if motion sensors in them or in the ceiling detect that a employee has left. The light is not switched off immediately, so as not to annoy colleagues working around you.

Designing and manufacturing the lighting fixtures was not easy because of the interior design solutions. A large part of the building was fitted with suspended open-beam ceilings. This type of grid ceiling is convenient because it makes it easy to hide engineering equipment underneath, but it makes it very difficult to install lighting. Our experts had to choose lighting fixtures that fit perfectly into the grille openings. This has narrowed the choice of lighting fixtures considerably. Due to the more challenging conditions, we specially manufactured and designed the lighting fixtures for this project. In total, Gaudrė UAB designed and manufactured several dozen different Linea lighting fixtures for this particular project.

However, despite the challenges, the tasks were successfully completed and our team was invited to develop lighting solutions for new offices of the same client.


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