About project

  • Type: SPA centre
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Anykščiai
  • Architect: UAB "SP architektų grupė" (Saulius Pamerneckis, Vytautas Pliadis, Marius Bliujus, Vitalijus Rudokas)

The luxurious four-star hotel is housed in the renovated building of the former Šilelis Hotel, built in 1989. A new elliptical, irregularly conical extension has been built next to the hotel, housing a cone-shaped complex of swimming pools and saunas.

When designing the lighting for the building, the client and the architects focused on progressive technologies – energy saving and light quality were essential requirements. We came up with a number of unconventional lighting solutions for the project, which look particularly effective after dark.

In the building where the spa area is located, the lighting fixtures are built into the "spikes" of a cone. In the part of the hotel's façade with balconies, the lighting is installed on the balcony surfaces. Where there are no and few windows, special recesses were made for the lighting fixtures – which, by the way, required a lot of crafty work. The light from the lighting fixtures shall be directed in a diagonal direction, from the bottom corner to the top corner and vice versa. This makes the light rays look as if they are refracted.


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