About project

  • Type: Administrative centre
  • Client: UAB „M.M.M. projektai“
  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Vilnius
  • Architect: UAB „Eventus Pro“, „Archinova“, „Arrow Architects“, interior project authors A2SM, Viačeslavas Malenko, Kristina Čimkutė, Greta Prialgauskaitė
  • Photos: Paulius Čilinskas

As lighting system specialists, we have ensured that the lighting solutions installed in TELIA's workspaces meet the highest quality requirements.

In general, three types of premises can be distinguished according to the purpose and solutions used. The first open space workplace lighting. The solution was to use general uniform lighting for areas with up to 24 workstations per separate space.

The second type of room is a meeting/lounge room, which is dominated by pendant lighting fixtures that create a cosy atmosphere and more privacy, while also blending into and becoming part of the overall interior design thanks to the housing colour scheme.

The third type is shared spaces/corridors. In some of these rooms, lighting fixtures mounted above suspended segmental ceilings create a play of light and shadows on the visible planes (ceiling, walls, and floors).

The advantages of the chosen lighting solutions are that all the lighting fixtures used are light-emitting diode (LED) sources, the lighting fixtures in the workstations use a glare-reducing microprismatic diffuser and additional optical film. This is how maximum visual comfort was achieved.

The lighting control system installed by our team efficiently adapts to the external outdoor conditions, i.e. it reacts to natural light, and if there is sufficient natural light from outside the building, the lighting fixtures are automatically dimmed, and the required lighting is maintained for the individual areas (workstations, meeting/breakout rooms, and hallways).

In addition, the lighting is controlled on a real-time basis, with the lights automatically dimming and switching off completely after a set period of time when people are not present. The automatic control system saves up to 80% of electricity, the automatic identification of the natural amount of light and the state/occupancy of the room eliminates possible human errors.


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