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We know a lot about light, so you can entrust all your lighting concerns to Gaudrė lighting professionals. However, proper luminaries are not enough for good lighting. Quality lighting system is a complete solution, where many items must be impeccable: optimal and balanced light distribution, low glare, high colour transmission index, and low power consumption.

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    Interior lighting

    Cosiness and comfort of contemporary housing largely depends on the quality of lighting. It allows you to convert even the most boring interior. The possibilities of contemporary lighting are so wide that the room can take different forms without changing the position of furniture.

    We are highly accustomed to the old conservative indoor lighting, but traditional lamps attached in the middle of the room, wall luminaires and floor-lamps shedding their unyielding light no longer meet today’s lighting requirements. The main modern criteria is mobility and diversity, which can be achieved by combining dispersed or reflected light with flexible light accents – bright beams of directed light.

    We may have a long list of variants in the lighting equipment market, but here we just mentioned several popular and interesting options. Very attractive to the eye is the lighting, when it stands out with delicate, soft light, casting shadows, and having a uniform distribution of the light scattered from the walls, ceiling or floor surface. This lightning is created by opaque spherical or hemispherical lights, which break direct rays and do not pass the blinding light.

    Their dispersed light is most useful to people and is best suited for general ambient lighting. Such light sources can be very easily arranged, they can “travel” along the entire the upper room plane. The same type of lighting is created from halogen lamps attached to metallic structures or mounted on a suspended ceiling.

    Interesting interior solution – such light sources can be installed in various suspended structures so that the light is reflected from horizontal surfaces. The ideal option is where you can change the illumination angle.

    A very popular type of general lighting is currently the arrangement of very small ceiling lighting fixtures along the upper perimeter of the room. These sources reflect light off the floor and emit back large part of it, uniformly distributing along the entire room. Reflected light gives the room the effect of weightlessness and transparency, while creating comfortable and even lighting. A similar effect can be achieved by directing the light from several wall and floor lamps to the ceiling. A common choice is where ceiling lights are concealed behind an eave running along the walls. This significantly increases the space of the room, and emphasises the positive properties of the space configuration.

    The lightning fixture still remains a main element of the overall lighting. This is particularly true for classical style and construction of housing. However, you don’t have to suspend them in the centre of the room – their place is where, for instance, they are most needed, such as your dining table or sitting areas. The room lighting will be incomplete, if local and decorative lighting is not utilized. Even more, some of the rooms such as a cabinet or a bedroom do not require the ceiling lighting at all. In this case, all the lighting load is carried by local light sources. Table lamps, wall and ceiling lamps will perfectly illuminate the required object, creating a cosy dusk in the rest of the room. Floor lamps are also a perfect choice for this purpose. You should choose models with lamps with changeable position. If you think that the floor lamps are morally obsolete, you should bear in mind that recently they have changed dramatically and now perfectly blend in the interior, becoming a popular and inalienable part of it.

    Decorative lighting will provide completeness and versatility to any interior. Illuminate your most successful details in the room with direct focus of light: niches, massive vases, sculptures etc. A very interesting view is created by a wall fitted with a series of fixtures that illuminate only small areas, creating the effect of a porthole. Another wall lighting variant is bottom floor lighting. Light beams directed into the wall create a mysterious interior.

    Residential lighting is important not only for preserving the healthy eyes – it stimulates the brain activity and allows to rest properly. You should therefore be very serious in choosing the lightning for your apartment, home, or office.

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    10 tips on how to expand or reduce the space with artificial lighting

    There are many ways in which you can increase or reduce the space. For your convenience, here are some rules that you can apply in practice in planning or adjusting the interior of the dwelling:

    1. Maximum wall lightning and the use of highly reflective materials for their decoration will allow you to visually widen the space. This is very important for small rooms;
    2. For large indoor lighting is best to use direct light fixtures;
    3. Virtual space image size can be adjusted by changing the brightness of reflection from the floor, walls and ceiling;
    4. Reflected or dispersed light obviously increases the space;
    5. You can reduce the height of the ceiling by installing lighting fixtures with light directed to the walls;
    6. Ceiling can be visually heightened in the opposite way: wall light should be directed upwards. Brightly lit ceiling will seem higher;
    7. To widen a narrow corridor, arrange lighting fixtures in a straight horizontal line on one of the walls of the room. An often arrangement of lighting fixtures is to suspend them along the centreline of the ceiling, – this, conversely, reduces the space;
    8. A lit wall in the end of the corridor makes it wider;
    9. For a long corridor to look even longer, you can arrange a straight line of the same luminaries on the ceiling;
    10. 2000 lux illumination in the room, where you stay for at least 2 hours per day, heals you from depression.

    Correctly adjusted lighting can not only adjust the geometry of spaces, highlight the desired interior details, but also to conceal what you prefer to leave in the shade.

    We hope our tips will help you do this.