Light Art Innovation


Gaudrė is not only the manufacturer of modern lighting fixtures and a reliable partner to work with architects, designers and planners, but also a professional in choosing lightning solutions for a variety of technical and aesthetical requirements for all business areas. We know a lot about light, so you can entrust all your lighting concerns to Gaudrė lighting professionals. Our products meet strict requirements, but one feature always remains unchanged: focus on the quality of light.

However, proper luminaries are not enough for good lighting. Quality lighting system is a complete solution, where many items must be impeccable: optimal and balanced light distribution, low dazzling, high colour rendition index, and low power consumption. High quality of lighting fixtures and professional lighting solutions increases the efficiency and visual comfort, and meets the needs of individual users. Whether it is the illumination of working or individual rooms, building complexes, outdoor areas or facade lighting, our partnership is the key to complete lighting solutions, and the possibility to save energy and costs. Our goal is to implement the project in order to satisfy all lighting requirements and help customers to achieve better performance while enjoying greater comfort conditions.

Gaudrė combines all the essential guidelines for the perfect lighting solution for all areas of activities: modern technology, high quality requirements, perfect design of lighting fixtures and lighting expert experience.

Lighting solutions by activity: