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Commercial area lighting

The main purpose of commercial area lighting is to increase visual comfort, contributing to the consumer’s purchasing decision. This factor applies to both large shopping centres, as well as luxury boutiques or small specialty shops.

Commercial area lighting performs many important functions: adequate lighting creates a cosy atmosphere, targeting buyers to trading spaces, providing accents and uniqueness to the exhibited goods, highlighting the names and trademarks of stores and shopping networks. Artificial lighting, as a whole of theatrical effects, is an extremely effective tool for increasing the sales, which are employed not only by luxury boutiques and specialty shops, but also big supermarkets. Artificial lighting, harmoniously integrated into the overall architecture of commercial areas, actively attracts attention and increases attendance in shopping centres, extending their shopping time and encouraging the activity of users in the trading place.

Artificial lighting is also a major part of the trade costs, i.e. ≥ 25% of the total energy consumption in the food trade places and no less than 62% for other sales outlets. Thus, the emotional and visual purpose of lighting is very important in the concept of lighting along with the rational side of the design – energy-saving solutions, lighting equipment quality, reliability, service costs and correct positioning of lighting equipment in commercial areas. Comfortable lighting control characteristic featured y Gaudrė solutions is always kept in mind.

Here, the task for professionals is born and perfectly handled by Gaudrė lighting specialists. Design of commercial area lightning requires experience acquired while working with such projects – and we are in the position of offering it.

Commercial area lighting services:

  • Lighting projects
  • Illumination calculations
  • Presentation of visuals
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • Individual consultations

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Lighting solutions are implemented using flush mounted Light Sniper ceiling fixtures from the company Flos with recessed source of light, and ultrasmall Viabizzuno LED profiles.