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Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting is one of the newer concepts in terms of lighting. This includes industrial and other enterprise lighting systems designed to meet the individual needs of each business.

Industrial enterprise lighting quality determines their labour productivity, work safety and quality of production. This, in turn, means lower costs and better time consumption – competitive factors relevant for each manager. Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, dust, chemicals, vibration, explosive environment pose additional requirements for lighting devices. It is therefore necessary to take into account all factors affecting your business. However, intelligent lighting solutions for your work environment do not have to be expensive. Gaudrė provides high quality lighting solutions that optimise the production processes and minimise energy and operating costs. Entrust your company’s lighting to us and you will feel the obvious difference.

Industrial companies use the following services of Gaudrė:

  • Energy lighting system audit
  • Alternatives of illumination systems
  • Visualizations
  • Light control design
  • Maintenance of system installation