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Office lighting

Preliminary estimates show that each of the many office workers spend there about 70,000 hours during their lifetime. While caring for employees and seeking to increase their performance, it is important to provide them with decent working conditions, and office lighting is one of the most important of them.

Optimum workplace lighting creates a high quality work environment contributing to productivity and comfort, improving concentration and reducing employee fatigue. This cannot be achieved by simply suspending general luminaries in the office. Only lighting specialists can offer you a rational solution depending on the office area, natural light and other factors.

Minimum energy use, maximum result

Gaudrė lighting solutions not only create a good atmosphere in the offices but also provide maximum results with minimum energy consumption. Modern luminaries and effective light sources such as T5 fluorescent lamps or light emitting diodes (LEDs) and smart use of the light control system provides you with more opportunities to save energy and to actively contribute to the sustainable environment.

A place where people want to work

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Office lighting is regulated by the European lighting standard EN 12464-1. It requires for workplaces to be optimally illuminated for all possible tasks. Reflections and shadows, glares and uneven illumination reduce comfort of employees and results in lower productivity. Because of this reason, it is particularly important to select the best lighting solutions and systems, to avoid unwanted interference. If possible, office lighting solution must be thoroughly planned from the very beginning of the project, so that the light in the office perfectly matches the requirements for brightness level and quality.

Professionals at Gaudrė have extensive experience in designing and implementing innovative lighting solutions for both small and large offices, and can offer you a customized choice depending on your specific business.


  • Lighting projects
  • Illumination calculations;
  • Presentation of visuals;
  • Energy-efficient solutions;
  • Individual consultations.