Light Art Innovation

Outdoor lighting

Functional lighting solutions for outdoors, industrial and terminal areas are chosen depending on the task and the requirements of lightning standards EN 12464-2 and EN 13201-2.

Correct lighting of public areas and streets makes a safe and pleasant city.

Municipal authorities are faced with the challenges of increasing urbanization, seeking to meet the environmental objectives and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, but also they have to cope with financial constraints of budgets. With outdoor street lighting with sodium and light-emitting diode (LED) sources and control elements, our company will help you to ensure safety in the streets, reducing crime, promoting tourism and enhancing civic identity.

Wide-angle light scattering searchlights are best suited for the functional area lighting. Asymmetric spotlights with high efficiency anodized aluminium reflectors maximise the uniformity on a horizontal plane, minimise the glare, and ensure the energy efficient solution and less than 3% light pollution.


  • Energy lighting systems audit;
  • Alternatives of illumination systems
  • Visualizations
  • Light control design
  • Maintenance of system installation