Light Art Innovation

Recreational and leisure area lighting

Gaudrė provides public area lighting services for business customers:

  • Hotel lighting is an important quality component of recreational areas. Customers will feel comfortable only in a properly lit and pleasant environment. Hotels need quality lighting just as much as stylish interior. A modern hotel bar, stairs, swimming pools, stylish lounge areas will not be attractive enough, if they are not properly highlighted by luminaries. Our specialists will ensure that the hotel lighting meets the expectations of both construction customers, and hotel visitors. Lighting solutions help to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere and highlight the advantages of the interior. Gaudrė light architects can create pleasant private and public spaces, interior and time lighting, and desirable spa lighting, along with work and rest area lights.
  • High-class restaurant lighting allows customers to feel the comfort and privacy at the same time, and helps to perceive the food served as aesthetic. Such lighting in restaurants is usually created using a variety of warm and not most intense lights. Properly selected restaurant lighting occurs through the selection of a variety of lighting fixtures and their simultaneous use. Ceiling lights, lighting systems at each table, bar lamps, hall lamps, tables, and even outdoor table lighting – all of this and every other detail is important in creating a pleasant environment. Gaudrė specialists can thoroughly examine the features of restaurants, cafes, bars and adapt lighting favourable for visitors.
  • Gaudrė offers lighting solutions for various public facilities, outdoor and indoor areas and ensures the quality assessment of the situation, its analysis and reliable technology applications. We not only offer lighting services for hotels and restaurants, but also for any other facilities and areas:  schools, offices, stores, shopping centres, public urban spaces (parks, alleys), and private holdings.

Let Gaudrė take care of the illumination of recreational, commercial, recreational, public facilities, entrust your business to the hands of specialists to ensure efficient lighting solutions.

In order to independently design the illumination of an entire business facility, you can choose from a wide range of Gaudrė lamps, luminaries and lighting fixtures. You will easily find the right sizes and strengths of attractive style lamps for ceiling, walls, floors, and outdoor areas. Conventional and non-conventional lighting fixtures and lighting solutions are also available, to create an attractive lighting for a hotel, restaurant and other spaces.