Light Art Innovation

Living room lighting

The living room is always one of the most important spaces in the house – all family members gather here, we meet guests and we often relax rather than work in it. Therefore, illumination pleasant for everyone is necessary. Here are a few ideas for lighting your living room in order to allow a more efficient distribution of light and choosing lightning fixtures.

Separation of spaces

Recently, the architectural solution of a combined room and a kitchen has become popular. The new generation, raised in the constraints of accurately designed Soviet style apartments, as if in a Gothic era now seeks to minimize the need of walls and maintain more uniform, transient spaces, while imaginary boundaries between spaces could be delineated with the appropriate living room lighting. If your living room is connected to the corridor or a kitchen, it is appropriate to use a lightning solution to mark out which is which. Living room lighting can be created using one main spot light and other LED focal glows, and even chandeliers. More intense use of light is advisable in the kitchen or corridor spaces, employing more small lightning fixtures for highlighting the selected spots.

Filling light

In general, the living room ceiling lights usually start from the filling light emitted from the central chandelier. Since the space can be of irregular shape or even connected to the kitchen or a hallway, the light emitting lamp is not necessary hats be in the centre of the room – it can be above the dining table, a sofa, or a coffee table, or even built into the wall.

Object lighting

If you use proper light, half of the beauty of your living room will be created not by well-matched interior details but by their adequate lighting. Therefore, living room lighting is needed not only for practical purposes – to avoid the darkness – but also to emphasise certain objects and styling details. A variety of small bulbs are perfect for this. Of course, lightning fixtures can become the centrepieces in your interior if lighting solutions if the living room is interesting and your chosen lights are non-standard and attractively shipped.

Ceiling, walls and floors

Lighting in the living room can be developed by exploiting the full space – walls, ceilings, and floors. If you figure out how to use lightning fixtures, you will know what details should be illuminated, you will create the magical impression of the living room. Using efficient LED bulbs, even many lights will not mean high energy consumption, therefore you can effectively highlight the benefits of your living room, and create its atmosphere at low cost. With additional digital technology you can control the strength of different lighting systems, dim or lighten the environment, and tone of some of the lights altogether, if necessary.