Gaudrė, UAB (hereinafter – Data Controller) hereby (hereinafter – Privacy Policy) establishes the personal data processing terms and conditions by using the website controlled by the Data Controller. The terms and conditions established herein shall be applicable every time you wish to access the content and/or service provided by us regardless of the device you use (computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV set, etc.).

Data Controller‘s credentials: Gaudrė, UAB

Address of the registered office: Ateities st. 10, Vilnius LT-08303
Phone. +370 (5) 279 61 62
VAT payer‘s code: LT206823811

It is essential that you read the Privacy Policy because every time you visit the website owned by the Data Controller you agree to terms and conditions specified herein. If you do not agree with them, please do not visit our website, use our content, and/or services.

We confirm that the visitors’ data of the Data Controller‘s website shall be collected in compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania and the instructions of the supervising institutions. All reasonable technical and administrative measures shall be applied in order to protect the collected data from loss, unauthorized use, and modifications.

The persons under 16 years old cannot provide any personal data via our website. If you are a person under 16 years old, before providing the personal information, you have to get your parents‘ or other legal guardians‘ consent.

The definitions used in the regulations shall be comprehended in the manner as they are defined in the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679.


The information you directly provide:

  • Place of residence (city)
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The information on how you use our websites.

If you visit our website, we also collect the information which discloses the peculiarities of the use of our services or the automatically generated statistics of visits. Find out more about this in the section “Cookies”.


We can retrieve the information about you from the public and commercial sources (to the extent permitted by the relevant legislation) and related it to another piece of information that we get from you or about you. We can also get the information about you from the social network services of third parties when you connect to them, for example, via the accounts in the Facebook network.


Under your consent, we can also collect other information about you, your device, or your use of our website content.

You may choose not to provide certain information to us (e.g., the information requested upon signing up on the database of newsletter recipients), however, in that case, you may not be able to use our offered internet service or the information on the site will not be fully available.


We may use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • For direct marketing, e.g., send newsletters, provide customized advertisements, and send notifications about promotions, assess and analyze our market, clients, products, and services (including the collection of your opinion about the products and services and organize the customer surveys).
  • Find out how people are using our internet services in order to improve them and create new content, product, and services.
  • For other purposes under your consent.

We inform you that you are entitled to object to the processing of your data by us at any time for the above-mentioned, marked with star purposes.


We undertake not to transfer your personal data to any unauthorized third parties, except for the cases when:

  • You have granted consent for the information disclosure.
  • Providing services – for our partners who provide the services of item delivery and other services ordered by you. We disclose your personal information to these providers only to the extent necessary for providing the specific service.
  • For law enforcement institutions in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.


The personal data is protected from loss, unauthorized use, and modifications. We implemented the physical and technical measures to protect all your information which we collect for our service provision purposes. Please note that despite the fact that we take all actions to protect your information, any website, the operation performed online, a network of computers, or wireless connection is not 100% secure.

We store your data for 3 years after your last day of using our services or content. After the expiration of this term, the data will be deleted permanently without a recovery option.


The Data Subject whose data is processed in the Data Controller’s activity is entitled to:

  • Know (to be informed) about their data processing (the right to know);
    Be introduced to their data and how it is processed (the right to be introduced);
  • Request to amend, or taking into account the processing purposes of personal data, supplement the incomplete personal data (the right to amend);
    Delete their data or suspend the data processing actions (except for storing) (the right to delete and the right to “be forgotten”);
  • Request that the Data Controller limits the processing of personal data in case of one of the legal reasons (the right to limit);
    Has the right for the data transfer (the right to transfer);
  • Disagree when personal data is processed when this data is processed or is about to be processed for direct marketing purposes, including the profiling as much as it is related to direct marketing.

If you do not wish that your personal data will be processed for the purpose of direct marketing any longer, including the profiling, you can contact us by my email or call us on phone +370 (5) 2796162 and object to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing and/or object the automatic processing of your personal data, including profiling**, without specifying the objection motives.

**According to the personal data provided by you for the purpose of direct marketing, the profiling of your personal data may be executed in order to offer you customized solutions and offers. You can withdraw your consent at any time for the automatic processing method of your personal data, including the profiling, or object to it.

The Data Subject is entitled to deliver any written request or instruction related to personal data to the Data Controller via one of the following ways: by submitting directly to the address Ateities st. 10, 08303 Vilnius; email:

Upon receiving such request and instruction, the Data Controller no later than within one month from the day of contacting provides the answer and performs the actions specified in the request or refuses to perform them. If necessary, the specified period may be extended by two months taking into account the complexity and number of requests. In that case, the Data Controller informs the Data Subject within one month from the day of the request receipt on such extension by providing the reasons for the delay as well.

The Data Controller may not create the conditions for data subjects to execute the above-mentioned rights, except for the refusal to process the personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, when in accordance with the laws, it is mandatory to ensure the prevention, investigation, and detection of crimes, official, or professional conduct breaches, as well as the protection of rights and freedoms of the data subject or other persons.


Advertising banners, links to websites, and services of third parties may be on the website of the Data Controller which the Data Controller does not control. The Data Controller is not liable for the safety and privacy of the information collected by third parties. You have to read the privacy provisions applicable to the websites and services of the third parties which you use.


When you visit the Data Controller’s website, we would like to provide such content and functionalities specifically customized for your needs. In order to do that, cookies are necessary. These are small elements of information that are automatically generated while browsing online and stored on your computer or another end device. They help the Data Controller to recognize you as a previous visitor of a certain website, store the history of your visit, and customize the content according to it. The cookies also help ensure the smooth functioning of the website, allow tracking the duration of the visit on the website, frequency, and collecting the statistical information about the number of the website visitors.


Title of the cookie


Moment of generation

Expiration time

The used data


The standard cookie used for supporting the user’s interface. Mandatory cookie

During the entry to the website

Until the closing of the website window

Unique identifier

Google Analytics






Used to recognize users.

During the first entry to the website

2 years

Unique identifier


Used to recognize users.

During the first entry to the website

24 hours

Unique identifier


Used for turning on advertising functionalities

During the first entry to the website

10 minutes

Unique identifier






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Facebook sets these cookies. We use Facebook in order to show who follows/likes our website on the Facebook social network. Facebook may use this information to display the advertisements on their platform. You can find out more about these cookies on the policy declaration of Facebook cookies.

During the first entry to the website




When you use the browser to access the content we provide, you may configure the browser respectively to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or receive a notification when a cookie is sent. Every browser is different, therefore, if you do not know how to change the settings of cookies, check them out in the manual menu. Additional cookie controllers may be on the operational system of your device. If you do not want the information to be collected using the cookies, check the settings of your browser to opt out of the use of cookies. If you want to find out more about how to manage cookies, visit the website

Please note that in some cases deleting cookies may slow down your browsing online, limit certain website functionalities, or block access to the website.

You may find links to the websites of other persons, companies, or organizations on our website. Please note that the Data Controller is not liable for the content of such websites and used principles of privacy assurance. Thus, if you get redirected to other websites after clicking a link on the Data Controller’s website, you should read their Privacy Policy.


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Updated on 07/16/2021