Lighting control systems

Intelligent and modern lighting management is essential for the well-being and sustainability goals of our employees, visitors, patients, students or simply everyone. Lighting control system solutions help to create interactive, intelligent environments that interact not only with other building systems, but also directly with human biological rhythms. The control system allows for open and flexible lighting solutions to meet specific customer needs. We are proud to have completed numerous lighting control system projects for offices, museums, schools, hospitals, hotels and private homes. With years of experience, we can offer the right lighting control solution for every situation.

Lighting control systems for apartments and houses

Modern trends have changed the perception of home and work space: We've started working at home, and we're creating spaces at work for relaxation. As the rhythms of life change, so does the need to control light. The same home space can serve as a study, a playroom, a living room or a cinema. The seemingly disparate lighting solutions are united by a single lighting control system, whose main objective is to provide the right amount of light at the right time. Smart lighting control not only creates a cosy and comfortable home environment, it also makes us architects of light.


Lighting control systems for the office

It would be hard to imagine a modern office without lighting control system. If quality lighting is essential for the proper execution of the work, then the right lighting control system ensures a comfortable environment for implementing this work. It's no secret that we are all different, with our own specific needs. Only a flexible lighting control system that adapts to the needs of the employees will allow each employee to make effective use of their abilities and maintain good psychological and physical well-being. Whether it's a small meeting room or a multi-storey office building, we can offer the right lighting control method and solution for every space.


Integrated lighting control system

Modern lighting control systems allow you to meet the ever-increasing demands of your consumers, to implement complex and innovative lighting solutions and to use electricity efficiently. Such a lighting control system must be reliable, easy to operate and can be controlled via smart devices. In larger facilities, integrating the lighting control system into the overall building management system makes efficient use of the building's energy resources and thus contributes to an energy saving policy.


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