A cosy and harmonious interior is inseparable from light, which makes a difference to the environment, the mood and the performance. Working with the most renowned lighting fixture manufacturers, we offer a wide range of high-quality lighting fixtures for homes, businesses and public spaces.

Lighting fixtures

Working with Europe's leading lighting fixture manufacturers, we offer a wide range of high quality lighting fixtures for home and business. Lighting fixtures from our partners offer the best energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness, modern design and ease of installation.


Lighting control systems

Intelligent and modern lighting management is essential for the well-being and sustainability goals of our employees, visitors, patients, students or simply everyone. Lighting control system solutions help to create interactive, intelligent environments that interact not only with other building systems, but also directly with human biological rhythms. The control system allows for open and flexible lighting solutions to meet specific customer needs. We are proud to have completed numerous lighting control system projects for offices, museums, schools, hospitals, hotels and private homes. With years of experience, we can offer the right lighting control solution for every situation.


Emergency and escape route lighting

The public buildings where we spend more and more of our time must not only be comfortable and modern, but also as safe as possible. Only a properly designed and installed emergency lighting system, complying with strict EU directives and local regulations, can ensure a safe and timely evacuation of people in the event of an emergency, and thus save many lives. For emergency and evacuation lighting, we can offer high quality products from RZB, Beghelli, Eaton, with high efficiency, meeting international standards and all safety requirements.


Electrical installation

We represent Berker, an internationally renowned manufacturer of electrical wiring products with a reputation for design and technology. Thanks to this German company, we are able to offer electrical wiring products and lighting control systems that meet time-tested quality and design requirements. Collections with sophistication and elegance that harmoniously complement any interior style.


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