Lighting in commercial and shopping spaces

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Lighting in retail spaces has many important functions: Proper lighting creates a cosy atmosphere, guides shoppers through the retail space, and adds accents and distinctiveness to the goods on display.


Visual comfort for the buyer

When designing lighting for a retail space, it is important to increase the visual comfort for the consumer, which determines their decision to buy.

Artificial lighting, harmoniously blending into the overall architecture of retail spaces, actively attracts shoppers' attention and increases the number of people visiting retail outlets, extends their time spent in the stores, and stimulates consumer activity at the points of sale. This applies to large supermarkets as well as the boutique goods or specialty stores.


Minimum energy consumption, maximum result

Artificial lighting accounts for the majority of traders' costs, i.e. ≥ 25% of the total energy consumption in food outlets and at least 62% in other outlets.

In the lighting concept, not only the visual-emotional purpose of the lighting becomes very important, but also the rational side of the design – energy-saving, high-quality lighting equipment, maintenance costs, correct positioning of lighting equipment in the retail space and convenient lighting control. Our solutions are based on the many years of experience in commercial lighting design.


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