Lighting for hotels, restaurants and spas

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By allowing Gaudrė to take care of the lighting of entertainment or recreational areas, you will provide your business with specialist care that ensures efficient lighting solutions.


Hotel lighting

Lighting in hotels is an important quality criterion for recreational areas. Only in a well-lit, pleasant environment will customers feel comfortable. Quality lighting for hotels is as essential as stylish interiors.

The modern hotel bar, stairs, swimming pools, stylish lounge areas will not be attractive enough if without proper highlights and necessary lights. Our experts will ensure that the hotel lighting meets the expectations of both the client and the hotel guests.

The lighting solutions we offer will help you create a cosy, relaxing atmosphere and highlight the strengths of your existing interior. Gaudrė's light architects will create pleasant private and public spaces, interior and exterior lighting, and offer solutions for the desired lighting of spa, work and relaxation areas.


Restaurant lighting

The restaurant's high-end lighting allows customers to feel cosy and private at the same time, and helps the food to be aesthetically pleasing.

Such lighting in restaurants is created using lighting fixtures with a warm spectrum, high colour rendering, interior and direct light direction, low glare and adjustable light intensity.

Well-chosen lighting for restaurants comes from a variety of lighting fixtures, creatively combined with each other. Surface-mounted or recessed lighting fixtures, lighting systems at every visitor table, bar and lounge lights, even lighting for outdoor tables – every detail counts when it comes to creating a pleasant and cosy environment.

Our team of specialists will analyse the spatial characteristics of restaurants, cafes and bars in detail and offer attractive and visitor-friendly lighting solutions.


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