Facade and outdoor lighting

  • Energy audit of lighting systems
  • Design of lighting system alternatives
  • Presenting visualisations
  • Light control design
  • Maintenance of system installations

Architectural lighting is indispensable for highlighting specific architectural features or elements of design and décor. Such lighting solutions make objects visible and identifiable in their dark. Today, in every metropolitan area, examples can be found where the lighting of a house, even in a building that does not stand out from the others, makes one pay attention and increases its value.


Focus on function

Lighting in buildings varies depending on the functions of the building and the requirements of the applicable lighting standards.

In medical, office or sports centres, functional lighting is the most important, while in casinos, theatres and museums, emotional and aesthetic lighting is far more important. It is therefore important that light science and the engineering of lighting fixtures be combined with the artistic use of light.

We select functional lighting solutions for outdoor, industrial, terminal, warehouse or street lighting based on the task at hand and the current requirements of the EN 12464-2 and EN 13201-2 lighting standards, with the aim of offering energy-efficient, optimal and high-quality solutions.


Best lighting

Such lighting is usually permanent, static, monochrome, however, with the rapid development of lighting technologies, dynamic, contrasting polychromatic lighting is also increasingly used.

On the one hand, there are great opportunities for colourful effects, interactivity, but also the risk of overdoing or using the effects where they are not needed. At Gaudrė, architectural lighting projects are designed by professional architects and lighting designers who are well versed not only in light technology and physics, but also in human physiology and psychology.

For simple light installations, lighting fixtures can be selected on the basis of the technical specifications of the lighting fixtures and their database. For more complex projects, a 3D model is prepared and lighting and luminance calculations are performed with the help of special lighting modelling programs, and visualisations of objects are generated. Based on these calculations and visualisations, the customer can accurately predict the final lighting result and the specialists can meet the customer's needs.

When designing lighting, it is important to consider the initial investment of the project and the subsequent labour and maintenance costs. Specialists will precisely balance aesthetic appearance, regulatory lighting or luminance standards and energy efficiency, avoiding light pollution or overly bright lighting.


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