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Preliminary estimates suggest that an office employee spends around 70,000 hours of his life in the office. In order to care for your employees and make them more efficient, it is important to provide them with the right working conditions, one of the most important of which is adequate office lighting.

Optimal workplace lighting creates a good working environment, influences productivity and comfort, improves concentration and reduces fatigue. Conventional general light fittings will not achieve this – depending on the size of the office, natural light and other factors, only lighting specialists can offer the right solution.


A good pace to work

According to EN 12464-1, the standard regulating office lighting, workplaces must be optimally lit for all possible tasks. Reflections and shadows, glare and unevenness of lighting reduce employee comfort and lead to lower productivity.

To avoid this, it is critical to design and select the right lighting solution and the system. The office lighting solution should be planned in detail from the very start of the project, so that the light in the workplace ideally meets the requirements for light levels and quality.


Artificial lighting oriented to natural human biorhythms

For office or business centre lighting, we offer an innovative, human-centric artificial lighting concept that corresponds to the natural variation of light in nature.

Natural light regulates our internal clock, directly affecting our well-being – our activity, performance and emotional state, which also vary throughout the day. Variable spectrum light-emitting diode (LED) lighting fixtures with a variable colour temperature range of 2700K to 6500K may be used in work areas.

We recommend automatically adjusting the artificial lighting levels according to the amount of natural light in the room. The lighting fixtures manufactured by our partners and our own company meet high technical specifications. Efficient lighting control will save energy costs and create maximum visual comfort.


Minimum energy consumption, maximum result

Modern lighting fixtures, efficient LED light sources and the intelligent use of a light control system provide more opportunities to save electricity and actively contribute to environmental protection.

Our proficiency and expertise in designing and implementing innovative lighting solutions for both small and large offices allows us to offer a tailor-made solution to suit your business.


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