Home interior lighting

  • Installing controls for existing lighting
  • System design
  • System programming and commissioning


For private clients, we offer a range of lighting design services, from a short design consultation to a full lighting or a smart home project.


Lighting solutions for the home

We all want comfort in our homes, which can be created by a wide range of household and interior solutions. One of the most important solutions is proper lighting for your house or apartment.

When choosing a lighting fixture, people usually focus on the style of the lighting fixture, the emotions it evokes, the shape of the lighting fixture and the effects it produces – reflections, the focusing of light on a single object, or the even distribution of light in a room. But people need light, not lighting fixtures, so we suggest starting with light design.

When planning lighting, the first thing to do is to decide what you will be doing, where you will be doing it, how you will be arranging your furniture, and then the experts will advise you on the type of light you will need, before choosing the lighting fixtures that will provide the right amount and quality of light.


Smart Home

Today, control systems can be integrated into all building devices, with touchscreens, handheld consoles, smartphones and tablets, but the key is simplicity and reliability of control.

Our light management specialists focus on finding out what your needs are and making them happen in the simplest of ways. Whether it's a private house or an office complex, the light management system will be modern, convenient and as simple as possible. At Gaudrė, we know how to make living and working comfortable – consult us and see for yourself.


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