Light Art Innovation


In every home we want comfort, which is created by a variety of household and interior solutions. One of the most important solutions is adequate lighting of the house or apartment. It seems there are no secrets here – you only have to buy favourite lightning fixtures, and that’s it. However, lighting is not just a functional distribution of the flow of light. When selecting a luminaire, people mainly pay attention to its style, emotions caused by its shape, and effects – reflections of light, it’s concentration on a single object or even dispersion in the room.

In fact, people need light, rather than luminaires, therefore we offer to choose the light design as a starting point. When planning the lighting you should first decide what you will do in each spot of your dwelling, what is your furniture layout plan, based on which professionals will advise you on lightning requirements, and only then you should choose fixtures that will give the required quantity and quality of light.

Richard Kelly (1919-1977), who is regarded as a pioneer of lighting design, divided light into three types:

Ambient luminescence

This light reminds cloudy daylight, without bright contrasts. It may be direct or indirect light. You can use almost any light source, and fluorescent seems to be the most practical option at the moment. It is suitable for work areas, children’s games, cleaning and everything else done in the majority of the premises.

Focal glow

This looks more like a light on a sunny day with bright shadows and high contrast. It provides us with the information as to which areas of the premises are the most important, and what we should be looking out for. It is made by pointed sources of light, usually halogen, metallic-halogen or LED lamps. It is used to create the atmosphere in a guest room, sometimes in a bedroom, and a children’s room. It is advisable to leave the solution for professionals.

Play of brilliants

This light can be like sunshine emerging through the leaves, like dust swirling in the rays of sun, plunging through a slot in the planks, or the shimmer of stars on a clear night. This light is information in itself. This can be a peacock-coloured advertising and a television screen. Light sources can be various.

Modern luminaires are dominated without exception by light-emitting diode LED technology (LED lighting). It allows you to reduce the size of the lamp, saving precious electricity. Recessed light source of the luminaire significantly reduces glare and increases visual comfort. In the interior wall surfaces or recessed light, fixtures with LED sources are suitable for “on duty” light, where they are not disconnected at night – in corridors, passageways, stairs or patio areas or paths, and illuminated facades.

Proper lighting of a house or apartment is your guarantee of the quality family life. Individual lighting in your kitchen, living room or bedroom will assure the comfort time in these rooms and help you to save electricity while fully satisfying your needs.

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