Light Art Innovation

Bedroom lighting

In the workroom, it is most important to have a well lit desk, places for reading, writing or working with fine details. In the guest room we aim at creating comfort and highlighting the most interesting centrepieces of the interior noticeable for the guests. In the kitchen our focus is on the intense lighting of details, and in the bedroom the lighting will be something where you can free your imagination. Lighting in the bedroom, as the entire interior of this room, usually remains private, so this will be a space which you create specifically for yourself. Bedroom lighting must not be bright and intense, because you rarely ever need to look at small things here – on the contrary, proper lighting in the bedroom can create a play of shadows, which may become a more favourable companion than light. Take a look at a few tips to keep in mind when designing the bedroom lighting:

  • Light intensity. The essential moment distinguishing the bedroom from other rooms is light intensity. It was found that soft medium strength light is most relaxing and letting you feel comfortable. It is for this reason that in cafes you will usually find warm shining light on the tables, allowing people to communicate comfortably, while, for example, in jewellery shops the light is strong, making you feel uncomfortable and go to them only when you really have to. Therefore, you should opt not for the most intense light in the bedroom, too. We recommend choosing one feeling warm lightning fixture and others for accents, illuminating only certain spots and details. The filling glide can be created by the bedroom ceiling lighting. But you don’t have to choose a tedious chandelier in the middle of the room – it can be several symmetrically arranged lights.
  • Accent glow. Accent lights will help to highlight only certain areas. Suppose, bedroom wall lighting, when properly used, can illuminate the beds, certain paintings, or a chest of drawers. It is worth to use separate lamps, floor lamps, in order to enhance the light where you may need more sharpness to detail. For example, illuminate a pedestal for reading, or a mirror for makeup, etc.
  • Light painting. Both the bed lighting and the lightning of walls and the entire space can be created not only with practical thinking about where you need the brightest, and where some softer light. It is in the bedroom where you can consider a creative light painting, and by creating a variety of lighting options, draw with shadows and different strengths of light.

To be able to freely create the bedroom lighting, we offer to choose from a variety of lighting fixtures.